Ontario vs. BC nursing.

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    I am currently a student nurse in Ontario Canada who is about to graduate from the BScN program. I've considered going out of province to work, and I was just wondering if there were any nurses in BC that could tell me a bit about nursing in BC or anyone who's done both who could provide a bit of a comparison? Perhaps related to pay rate, opportunities, any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated!

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    BC is almost as bad in terms of employment for new grads, from what we keep hearing. Few new grad positions anywhere, unless you are willing to work rural. Many new grads in ON and BC continue to report that they have either left the Province, or are working casual. AB is the same. You will need to be very flexible, and willing to accept a job anywhere as a new grad if you want to begin working right after graduation. It has been this way since 2008.
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    If your considering going out of Province I suggest Northern Alberta, there is enough work to go around. Grande Prairie specifically will be opening a brand new hospital in the next 2-3 years.

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