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Nurse Practitioner in Ontario

  1. 0 Hey guys!
    I am a RPN student in Ontario and am looking to become a NP in my future.
    I know that I have to have my RN degree, and am planning on doing it part time when I start working as a RPN.
    What knowledge/suggestions/advice do you have for me.
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    I would begin by completing your BSN @ the University of Windsor, then take your RN licesnce test for Ontario and then take your Michigan licensure test (NCLEX). After you are licensed in Michigan apply to Grad school @ a U.S college and then you are on your way.
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    Stillwaiting...why a US school, when the University of Windsor, along with 7 other universities offer NP education in Ontario?
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    Hope you found something. It is now 2013. If you got a job in the US, some of your tuition can be paid for. The US also has more openings for practitioners.