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  1. 0 As a new grad RPN soon seeking employment, I wanted to know whether or not I should renew my CPR and first aid. I know that I need to update my CPR (HCP) but I'm not sure whether or not it is worth it to get my first aid as well as it is way more expensive and time consuming! Can I get a job with only my CPR? I would greatly appreciate any insight and advice.Thanks.
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    You can get a job with just CPR, yes. However, many positions request both CPR and First Aid certs, or the willingness to get current First Aid. My first aid has expired, as we only need yearly CPR renewal where I work, and the course is taken through work. However, when I move next year, I plan to take CPR with first aid, for my own knowledge, and because I know that many employers prefer both. IMO, it's a worthy investment.

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