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Is a PhD necessary?

  1. 0 Apparently, it's a goal for universities in Ontario to have a DNP program in every university by 2015. So I was just wondering if a doctorate in nursing is really necessary and if it'll make getting a job as a nurse more difficult?
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    The nursing shortage is only going to get worse with time, so we will need LPNs, RNs and NPs in various specialties. So no, a PhD is not necessary, but of course, academics will push for higher education. If you want to pursue research or academia, then a PhD will probably become the requirement. However, many nurses (including myself) have no interest in chasing a PhD, or a Masters, for that matter. Personally, a Masters will suffice for me. After 5 more years, I have no intention of working full time even.
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    Makes no sense other than a cash raiser for universities.

    Why do NPs need a doctoral degree?

    I've said it before the best NPs I've worked with worked for years as RNs before taking their Masters. They had years of solid bedside and community health nursing behind them to base their practice on.

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