Evaluations of students in nursing school

  1. I have been asked to be involved in developing a new nursing program. I am not interested in just having quizes / tests and clinical evaluations.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to evaluate students' competencies while completing nursing school?
    Thank you
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  3. by   Enovel
    Other choices are writing assignments, group presentation,...
    As a nursing educator I find small group case presentation with in deep discussion to be very effective with 3rd and 4th year students. Regarding grade, you will need to be really careful with the subjectivity that comes with this kind of assignment. It could be minimized by setting up grading criteria before hand.
  4. by   Prairienurse1989
    I think one on one discussions about the profession and how they would handle a specific situation.
  5. by   torontonursingrocks
    Unfortunately you need to have objective and tangible evidences in evaluating nursing students. Presentations are good, but you need things that are measurable. I'm stumped on what other forms could be implemented to accurately assess nursing students.