Canada- RN vs. BScn

  1. 0 Which class is more in depth?
    Which class has more career options?
    Any additional info is welcomed (:
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    BScN is a bachelor of science in nursing which is an RN. Currently in Canada your only options are RPN (2yrs) and RN, BScN (4yrs). If you want to go on for MSN (masters) you must have your bachelors
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    Thank you muchly (:
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    How long is masters?
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    I think it's 2 years but you need your BSN first.
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    I'm not sure where you guys live, but a Masters is actually 3 years. You can get your Masters in 1 year if you do the NP program which is also an addition 2 years (so, 3 years altogether)

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