Calgary agencys for an LPN

  1. 0 Hey nurses in calgary,

    Would any one recommend some nursing agency's in calgary for a LPN ?

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    Are you interested in working home care? If so, there are agencies such as We Care and Nurse Next Door in Calgary.Otherwise, it's AHS who operates the Calgary hospitals and clinics, unless you want a privately owned clinic. Alberta does not operate the same as ON. AHS and Covenant Health operate 90 percent of the facilities and clinics across the Province.Read my previous post. Both AHS and Covenant Health have enacted hiring freezes. Contract nurses are not being used in AB at the moment either, due to funding cuts.You could look into the companies I've mentioned, or research private clinics for LPN positions. However, with less than a year of experience, home care is usually not a good move.Good luck with your search.

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