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BC LPN'S working in Nunavut

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    I'm an LPN student from BC, about 3 months away from finishing my program (yay!)
    After doing a project on northern nursing, I've started seriously considering going up north to work.
    Does anyone know if there are any requirements for BC LPN's working in Nunavut? I know up there they're known as Certified Nursing Assistants. But do I have to update any courses or do another exam?
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    I am unsure of where you would get licensed. For RNs it is with RNANTNU. The only places that currently hire LPNs are the two LTC facilities- one in Igloolik and the other in Gjoa Haven.
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    Rankin Inlet is now hiring LPNs for their hospital. Go take a look at the job board for the Government of Nunavut if they are still posted. Rankin is a nice place to live and bigger than the other communities.