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Some truth in this... :)

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    this is no doubt a scene that we as nurses have witness in numerous occasions. however, i have done the opposite i recall telling my pt. this is going to hurt for sure!... when i'm about to draw an abg, then for some reason they tell me "gitano that didn't hurt like you said it would"
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    Quote from Marshall1
    There certainly isn't anything funny about that load of paperwork she's got there in her arms!
    Last edit by Hygiene Queen on Jul 21, '12 : Reason: grammar... and it still isn't right...
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    Quote from hygiene queen
    there, certainly, isn't anything funny about that load of paperwork she's got there, in her arms!
    she doesn't know it yet, but i slip her another admission (grin)
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    lol funny picture. Thanks for sharing

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