I want a t-shirt that says...

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    "I can go from zero to Nurse Ratched in 2.4 seconds!"

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    "**** or get off the pot!"
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    Its a fine line between staff and patient

    Or difference between staff and patients on a BH unit. Staff has the keys.
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    I wish you were a pin~ata. Pronounced as pinyata actually seen it on a t shirt
  6. 3
    (have seen it somewhere) "I am already imagining the duct tape over your mouth"
  7. 1
    "There is no cure for old."
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    Please don't interrupt me while I am ignoring you.
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    "Your Girlfriend Just Facebooked Me"
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    Quote from Loque
    "Your Girlfriend Just Facebooked Me"
    Ohh, Wow! Really!

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