I didn't eat the trees

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    While a nurse on pediatrics, working the evening shift, I always asked my pedies if the had a good dinner and what they had (at least the ones who could converse). One of my patients, a precious boy, told me he ate everything except the trees! I was confused and to sure what he meant, his mom noticed my confusion and told me that was what the little boy called broccoli, Lol. You learn something new everyday, even from the smallest of patients.
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    aww lol i called them trees when i was little too!
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    Ummm <sheepishly> I'm 40 and still call them trees!
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    And brussel sprouts are "martian heads."
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    Quote from beachmom
    And brussel sprouts are "martian heads."
    ok that's a new one on me, love it!
    My grandmother told me the tomato soup I despised was carrot soup. I ate it all but it tasted like tomato to me.

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