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  1. 2 An Accident and Emergency Department in Birmingham boasts a Nurse Payne

    Nurse Hacker scrubs regularly in a London Operating Department

    Sister De'Ath walks the corridors of a hospice in Victoria

    Does Annie Beaver still work in Obstetrics in New York?

    Mrs. Ake, a retired RN, was a specialist nurse in rheumatology

    Kathy Foley was the head of the Catheter Insertion Team (back when they had those in the old days).

    Dr Hui (pronounced "Wee") was a urologist whose wife, a nurse, worked as his office manager. Her name was Pi (pronounced "Pee"). Nurse Cox worked for a different team.

    Chris Feely always favoured complementary therapies - especially therapeutic massage, while Nurse Fang was more at home with Cosmetic Surgery.

    Ed worked with a nun who's last name was Fuchs. He did not know how to pronounce her name - so he asked. And he wanted to die.

    Mary Slaughter could never get a post on the Surgical Unit, and Nurse Cutts was never the 'First Pick' Midwife.

    Sharon Ward - when she gets promoted - will be Sr. Ward.

    Not forgetting Melina, who works on a general medical ward and Nurse Nurse - she goes where she's sent!
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    LOL! The one about Sister Fuchs made me howl!

    Up here we have a nurse with the last name of "Butcher"...and, no, she does not work in the O.R., but in palliative care!

    When I was a kid, we went to:

    a dentist named Dr. Maclean, as in Maclean's toothpaste

    a pediatrician named Dr. Savage (he was anything but!)

    and a family doctor named Dr. Charlton!
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    Where I did nurses training, we had a plastic surgeon named Dr. Prychysn (pronounced precision)!
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    And I am Nurse Mata. Matar is Spanish for "to kill" & introducing myself as the nurse caring for you today might make you a little nervous too if you were admitted to the LTC-Subacute Unit I work at. [IMG]
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    Next door to my dentists office, there is a urologist there by the name of Dr. Cockburn.
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    I once noticed a Dentist's name in the phone book, Dr.Payne!
    And one time I was driving on rt. 80 and this obvious urologist had this on his license plate: UCME2P!
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    At the University of Wisconsin Hospital there was a Dr. Doctor. When they overhead paged him they had to remember to add his first name, because if they paged just Dr. Doctor, every doctor in the hospital would respond.
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    In Southern Maine, Dr. Scott Popp....Chiropractor!
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    Nita Love, RN...Cardiothoracic Surgery.
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    Dr. Daniel C Little, Optometrist
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    Drs. Payne and Twiss, partners in General practice, Dr Flood specialist in female incontinence, Dr Killam, Surgeon
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    LOL....In Indiana...My first doctor was Dr. Dye (General Practice).. Then I had Dr. Grimm (My ortho surgeon) and my mom had Dr. Payne (neurologist)
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    We have a geriatrician here called Dr Death. But he pronounces it deeth. I wonder if that is the real pronunciation or if he felt he had to change it
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