Found on the Oatmeal: Bad Day at Work

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    I think this comic expresses it perfectly.
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    I LOVE The Oatmeal!
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    Sometimes The Oatmeal is over (or should I say under) my head -- at least the humor escapes me -- but this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing...
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    Sometimes I think the same thing about the cartoons on The Oatmeal-I don't get it . . .but this one makes sense.
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    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought somebody else walked into a place to hear of a patient who was literally found face down in the oatmeal (as in, "he's DEAD, Jim!")... had that happen as a student during a rotation at a state MH facility. The guy was to be transferred to a "community residence" after being in the facility for ~50 years, didn't want to go to a new place, and then "left" anyway.
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