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Common nicknames for hospital items. - page 3

Just wanted to see if the nicknames we call certain items are the same names you guys call them lol. I work in the midwestern region. Examples include: 1.) "Bubblier" for humidifier 2.) "Ice... Read More

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    I always call GoLytelY-- GO LOT LY!!! The bowl containers for large stool specimens-cool whip bowls.
    Vital sign machines- ROSIE or R2D2
    MOM and prune juice- brown cow
    CODE Brown- massive BM
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    For #6 I have heard it called a tree thing, green O2 thing and a nipple nut all in the same facility. Nipple nut still makes me giggle!
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    Quote from ddunnrn
    It's a bit tangential to the topic, but I remember back 30 years ago when I was a nurses' aide, the nursing home I worked in had "nourishments" before the residents went to bed. It has always been a pet peeve of mine when people use pretentious language when simpler words would do--it's a SNACK, not "nourishment" also, out of curiosity, how many different terms for "nurse's aide" are in use around the country? One of my faces is "Patient Care Technician"' which sounds like they should be carrying around a toolbox with screwdrivers and foley cath bags.
    Ours are officially Personal Suport Workers.
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    :spin:Ours are officially Personal Suport Workers.----- LOL
    Ok, i confess, bad week, tired and this truly hit me funny... kinda like jock straps? I apologize.........
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    Blue underpad--Chux
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    Vitals signs machine--Nurse on a stick
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    Quote from jadelpn
    Blue underpad--Chux
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    This is fun! Here in the West, we have Christmas trees, gowns, frequent flyers, and transfers to the ECF (Eternal Care Facility) after they've CTD'd (Circled The Drain). Patients with cannulas have their O's on. When they're 'bound up', we give 'em a Hot Slider (warm prune juice mixed with MOM or Lactulose and 2 pats of butter). GoLytely is "the atomic laxative". Heel protectors are "booties", bibs are "clothing protectors", adult diapers are "briefs", and we "turn and baste" bedbound, incontinent nursing-home residents. The thing we use to catch urine in the toilet is a "hat", but if we have to catheterize someone who can't pee, we "drop a Foley".

    There's more but I can't think of them right now.
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    Or leg squeezers lol
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    the hospital for clinicals used chucks, scuds (SCD-sequential compression device), dropped NG tubes.
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    we too have "sliders" -although I like to add a little apple juice to improve the MOM, prune juice and margarine. I suppose this could be a gourmet slider?
    A "slug" is a patient who acts like one when otherwise capable of actually moving.
    "celestial discharge" (self-explanatory)
    many patients find "hat" a humorous term.
    I'm sure there are more...
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    Foley bag= "Bag of Gold".
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    I call the SOMA bed "mosquito netting".

    I also had a pt (WWII navy vet) refer to using the urinal in bed as "pumping the bilges"
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