a typical night in triage

  1. 1 In the late 90's I worked in an inner city, city/county hospital. People shot in the parking lot, multiple heroin OD's per night, a resident wanted me to TPA a patient in the triage holding area, and lots of people who wanted and were thankful for our help. You get the idea. Anyway, in about 2 minutes I wrote the following poem. ODE(OWED?) TO A TRIAGE NURSE.
    Paul C.Millard, RN, Etc.

    Doing the paperwork
    Surrounded by locks
    All of this chaos
    In the triage box
    Get a good history
    Front man for docs
    Get them seen quickly
    Or so angrily they gawk
    Telephone's ringing
    Stab wound in walks
    Voice at the window
    At the door knocks
    Rash covered patient
    Is it a pox
    Even when quiet (yeah right)
    Hear monitors and clocks
    Please help me quickly
    A scared patient talks
    A policeman's radio
    Behind you it squawks
    A "code13" patient
    Security stalks
    Think like an owl
    Act like a fox
    Hope someone relieves you
    Before it runs in your socks
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