Who to call after an interview?

  1. Ugh, in a anxiety-ridden memory lapse I didn't get a business card from the nurse educator I interviewed with last week. She and the asst. nurse manager were there for the interview, but prior to meeting with them I had done all my communicating through a nurse recruiter... Does it make sense to contact the recruiter to find out my status? Would she still be involved in the hiring process, after I've been in for the interview on the floor?

    I wanted to check in with this hospital, because another hospital has said they would be extending a job offer my way... And while either would be a fantastic opportunity, this one is my number one option. I don't want to accept the second one only to find I could have had this job!

    I love how I go from absolutely nothing on the horizon for 8 months, to this! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   kujomonster
    If the nurse recruiter is the only number you have, it wouldn't hurt to give them a call. At the very least you can ask him/her for the nurse educator and manager's phone numbers.