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  1. I am a new RN graduate. I was offered a PRN job ( could potentially turn full time )which I was told I would probably get at-least 36 hours weekly but since its PRN there is no guarantee. I may have weeks i only get 1 shift, but Theres no guarantee. It's at a nursing home about 15 minutes from home. The pay is $23 for day and if I work a night shift it's between $25-$26. Job #2 is full time at a hospital beside the location of job 1 and its on a med surg floor. I don't know yet if its days or nights but days pay around $18 and nights around $21-$22. What should I do? I don't need insurance since my husband provides that through his job.
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  3. by   PediatricRNTX
    Go with the med surg full time...full time employees have priority over PRN nurses and u will be first cancelled...if 36 hrs were "guaranteed" they'd make u full time..good Luck
  4. by   serenitylove14
    How many shifts per week are required for the prn position?

    - Honestly the med-surg position may give you more experience as far as a wider range of patients you are working with, but the nursing home will teach you alot of leadership skills. If you do not need the benefits and dont mind working long term care then go for PRN. The prn job will be more flexible if you wanted to go on vacation and will also pay more, which besides good benefits is what most people are looking for...
    - OR!! Take both of them!! You can work the full time job and pick up shifts at the nursing home! That way you can get a feel for both environments and if you dont like one of them then you can quit and still have a postion!
  5. by   Julia77063
    Go with med-surg; once you start work outside of hospitals it difficult to get in. Med-surg will give you assessment skills; plus you can transfer within a hospital to another unit if you choose later down the line. Plus prn are always cancelled first.
  6. by   KelKelRN
    I agree with the other posters. If I were you, I would definitely go for the full-time med-surg position. In this job market for new grads, you want to choose the option that will provide you with the best training and opportunities for future advancement.
  7. by   Little_Mouse
    FT med surg. Despite the lower pay, you will have a guaranteed position with pay and benefits plus gain an invaluable amount of experience that will make you more marketable in this difficult economy....eventually that pay will increase.
    The ltc job just sounds too unstable.
  8. by   newnurse1986
    Thank You!!!
  9. by   Little_Mouse
    No problem. Good luck!