1. 0 What is the norm for a new grad. Resume. I always thought one page. I have had some people tell me no more than two.
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    Mine was two pages. I felt like one page was not enough since about half of the page was just your education and clinical experiences. I needed the extra page for my work history. It doesn't lessen your chances of being selected. I will be starting a new grad residency soon.
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    ^^Yes, mine is two...first page is my qualifications summary, education, and BRIEF mention of clinicals. Second page is work history, organizational memberships, computer skills, and certifications (BLS). I'm a career changer, so I put relevant skills from my previous jobs in my work experience. It's two pages, but lots of white space and easy to read (so I've been told). Mileage may vary depending on one's previous work experience.
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    One page is a bit of older advice. Generally, a new grad with NO experience and minimal work may have a one page résumé. Otherwise, two is completely reasonable, although I would not go over that.

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