Resume: Work History vs. Clinical Rotation Resume: Work History vs. Clinical Rotation | allnurses

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Resume: Work History vs. Clinical Rotation

  1. 0 Hey Everyone,

    I was really proud of my resume when I created it but have been having second thoughts after 4 months of job searching and applying literally everyday and not a single call back. My resume is 2 pages (I know I know that to begin with is not good but I have awards and volunteer information I wanted added.) Now another thing I am questionable about is the fact that rather then having work history listed I have my clinical history listed. While I have been working since I was legally able to I have pretty much had a lot of jobs. Some I left for great experiences, some I left to pursue nursing school. Also my work history is not necessarily health related. I have worked in doctors offices but as administrative, and now I am a bartender and have been since I have been in school. So I am not sure if maybe I should totally get rid of the clinical history and just put work history or what??? I looked up resume writing services and jeez they charge $300-$1000 for resumes, that is RIDICULOUS!!!! So any advice would be sooooooo greatlyyyyy appreciated. Also if anyone would want to read over my resume let me know what they think I would LOVE also. Thanks!