New RN Grad cannot find work, Please help me. New RN Grad cannot find work, Please help me. | allnurses

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New RN Grad cannot find work, Please help me.

  1. 0 Dear Nursing Family, I am a new nurse and cannot obtain an RN position without experience in Brooklyn, Staten Island or NYC? I would be so grateful if you could help me with any hospital or healthcare facility hiring new nurses without experience (I've been a Health Aide and co-founded a TBI organization where I cared for the patient for 3 years and organized fundraisers for medical equipment? Where can I apply? Thank you very much for your assistance!
    Exceptional Grateful,
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    My advice, go upstate. Its better up there for new grads. NYC is too saturated with too many new grads and not enough spots for them. Good luck!
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    Good luck! Just remember, you are not alone. There are other unemployed new grads.

    Seriously consider out of state if need be.