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    I graduated from my ADN program in May and passed boards on first try in July. I had started applying for positions up to 6 months before graduation. I really wanted to work in a hospital. Well this past week brought two hospital interviews! I'm excited. One is on an ortho floor which is fine. I did clinical on that floor. The other is in front a seven person panel to decide which floor I would be best on. There are seven departments offering new grad positions. I applied for both of these positions at least three weeks ago. Don't give up hope to those of you out there waiting. I put about 20 apps out a week starting last november.
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    Congrats!! Good luck to you!!
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    Good luck on your interviews!!!
    Definitely agree not to give up to all new grads, I am no longer looking for a job but I had 2 places call me this week that I applied to back in May when I just graduated. Sometimes its a slow process.
    Anyway, good luck Bubblejet!

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