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Johns Hopkins New Grad 2012

  1. 0 Hello Maryland nurses! I recently passed my RN boards (August 2012) and have been actively looking for my first job ever since. I have applied to 8 different hospitals and most of them either want an experienced RN or a new grad to apply to a competitive internship twice a year. I have heard that Johns Hopkins lists their new grad positions all throughout the year and I was able to submit my application to one last week before it closed back out (one position closed out while I was in typing in my information!) Has anyone recently applied there that could tell me about the hiring process; if you have been contacted by HR and how long it took, about the interview (I hear it is pretty extensive), and if you were hired? The possibility of working at Johns Hopkins sounds amazing, I am excited just knowing I have applied!
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    I realize this thread is a little outdated, but thought I could help. I applied to a Nurse Clinician I position in the unit I wanted, and received an email it was being forwarded to the Nurse Manager about a week and a half later. The next day the nurse recruiter emailed me to invite me to an interview. The whole process took about 3 weeks, and my interview is next week!
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    How was the interview process? Did you get the job? Did you know what position you were interviewing for? Because Ive applied to a couple of positions there and dont know which one theyre contacting me for.

    I just got the email for the interview. Any help would be great!

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