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Interview for internship in Houston, TX

  1. 0 Hi there!

    I got a call out of the blue from the Methodist hospital in Houston and they told me they were interested in interviewing me for a L&D internship! I was completely surprised because I didnt even apply for this and I have an Associates degree and I didnt think I even had a chance at Methodist without a BSN (Tho I am enrolled to start my RN-BSN in January). So this is just an amazing blessing from God and I really dont want to mess it up!

    Can anyone give me any tips on what they could possibly ask me? and perhaps what I could expect. I am just amazed and excited and nervous and every emotion possible!

    Thank you everyone and best of luck to all you nurses!
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    Congratulations on being selected for the internship! That is very exciting! I only hear the best of things when it comes to The Methodist Hospital. I don't have any information, unfortunately, to help you with your interview process. But I wanted to ask you what school you chose to get your BSN from & why you chose them? I'm due to graduate in May with my RN from Lone Star College, and I'm in the process of getting all of my things together so I can apply to BSN programs.