Health and Palliative care New Grad CA

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    I've been offered a job a a new grad at a health and palliative care agency, I'm not sure what the pay rate or this type of agency is or should be and at his point I don't think I have he option of being picky... So what's your input any feedback would help thanks a ton.. 18/hour while training on documentation in the office and the visits are 50/visit , recertification, initial visits and pronouncement have different rates as they require more paperwork... im feeling gatefulbfor the oppurtunuty in this market but i would really like some feedback ... than you paperwork

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    I apologize for the typos.. Like I said I am very grateful for the offer but should I take it, who knows when the next offer will be?? And I suppose that so e experience is better than none .. Thank you guys ..God bless

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