Follow-up after application: Questions, advice?

  1. Hello everyone,

    First time posting, but I've referred to this site many, many times throughout nursing school, NCLEX and now my job hunt! I'm a new grad, and all the implications that come with that title *sigh*

    So I just have some questions about following up after you've submitted your application. First of all, call or e-mail? I'm looking for more of an opinion here, I've read that people have had success with both and also not to do one or the other.

    Second and more importantly, I've applied to multiple positions with each hospital. I know when following up that you should reference a specific position, so I want to know if I should follow-up with the position I want the most, just to get my name in there and stand out a tiny bit if at all, and they will see that I've applied to other positions as well? Or, should I say that I've applied to multiple positions? But then, I think they might think I'm not as enthusiastic for any one position.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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