first job hunt ny state rn need some advice? :<

  1. Hello allnurses community!

    I am one of those millions of nurses who is actively looking for their 1st nursing job, my situation, apparently, I have my bsn degree & a registered nurse in the state im in, but i have 0 actual nursing employment experience, only I got my clinical experience during my student nurse days w/c was almost 2 years I thnk? I graduated from the philippines, and right now I'm trying to look for entry level jobs, as an agency I've applied to gave me an offer but it's in ROchester/Syracruise! man, way far than albany. right now I am even considering nurse residency programs, with my status as a nurse graduate of batch 2010 and having my recent RN license just this august 2012, am I eligible to be on residency since I don't have any experience yet? any advice out there? I'm getting frustrated because I'm currently in Texas and it's only a matter of time till I get back to NY if I'm being called in for an interview/job! Im a ny resident but currently in texas due to personal life issues. long story short I'll be going back to ny. ny nurses any advice?

    thank you so much
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