First CNA Job

  1. Can someone help me with some hints in getting a CNA job with no experience?
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  3. by   animal1953
    I'm here to tell you it's rough. They want experience but won't give you the chance. I've found that even the rehab centers and LTC centers want 1 -2 years experience. It's real frustrating but you have to keep plugging away at it. I have over 100 apps filled out since I graduated in September. I just keep applying every time I see a new posting. I've begun finding out who the manager is in the unit you want to work and giving them a phone call and introducing myself and ask how the process is going. Just by getting your name in their ear, they sometimes will request your app from HR. I would not advise dropping in on the cold as they are busy with other duties. I give them about a week before calling again. Just keep applying everywhere and make a list of where and what you applied for. If you can get an interview, ask for a card and send them a thank you note for the interview.