Can't believe it!

  1. 0 I just got a call that I'm hired! First RN position! I'm ecstatic/nervous/excited!!!!

    Any pointers? It's a Surgical Step Down unit with a lot of bariatric surgery cases with a mix of Med/Surg patients too...

    I'm definitely going to review since I've been out of school since May 2012. I'm officially starting orientation on April 10. My persistence definitely paid off and I'm glad I never gave up on those days I felt so hopeless...
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    Congratulations! Make sure to ask all questions regarding pay, benefits, required overtime, self scheduling, orientation schedule, prior to going in your first day. You dont want to be blind sided later on down the road. Congratulations again and just enjoy your orientation and take in as much as you can!!!
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    Congrats! You will love bariatric patients... people that are motivated to do something about their health, and the newer surgeries have far fewer complications!
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