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    I'm about to graduate from a lpn program (ponning is tonight) and I applied for a student nurse position at the hospital I work at. Well I've basically been offered it but I am considering turning it down.
    . I currently work as a monitor tech part time with benefits that my family uses for health coverage because my husband's work is too expensive for us to buy. The student nurse position is prn with no benefits and there's no way I can do both jobs.

    Mt question is how bad does this make me look to turn down a job at my hospital? I really want to get a job where I will have a broader scope with better pay and benefits but I feel like this hospital will have a bad taste about me over this.

    Please help

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    I don't see any reason you can't tell them you need a benefited job for your family.
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    I agree w/GrnTea..just be honest & tell them what you have posted here - as much as you would like the position you cannot afford to work PRN and be w/o health insurance. Keep applying for LPN positions that offer what you need & until then, stay where you are.

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