What is your job title?

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    We're working on a department redesign and are looking at a title change. What is yours?

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    Education Coordinator. That signifies all education, not just towards nurses.
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    nursing education manager
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    My title is Clinical Educator/Adjunct Clinical Instructor to a community college nursing department. I work at Training and Development at our hospital and during spring and fall semesters, I am a clinical instructor for senior nursing students in a community college here in our place. This is an interesting concept because our hospital pays 2 clinical instructors to work for the community college. What's the incentive for our hospital? Get to know the graduating students (cream of the crop ones) and hopefully be able to convince them to work for our hospital after graduation.

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    I have worked in a couple of hospitals that use the title "Education Coordinator" for those educators with BSN's ... and "Education Specialists" for those with Master's and above. That's what my hospital does.

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