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:nurse: Hello all Staff Developers ! I found this sight today and have been having the most wonderful time on it. My name is Cali. I work in California in a long term care facility that is also part of an acute hospital. ... Read More

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    Hi there- I am the educator for a Senior Living Organization...1 nursing home, 230 beds; 4 assisted living facilities, totalling about 150 beds, and 13 apartment buildings scattered all over the St. Louis metropolitan area. We have between 550 and 600 employees and I am a department of one!!! I do most of the new staff orientation and all annual training plus I am the employee health nurse. EEK! I'm working hard to get a computer based education system for the annual compliance training which will free my time up to do more need-based training with the nursing staff, which are the bulk of the employees. The way we get compliance is that they cannot get their annual eval checked off until they complete their training and PPD. Wait too long and they get taken off the schedule until they comply. This applies to everyone, right up to administrators! That only works if you have a CEO who is a believer (mine is a nurse also.) NNSDO is a great resource, highly recommend it.
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    I have just been hired for a newly created position - Manager of Learning and Development (aka SDN by non-nurse). Is anyone else in here NOT a nurse.

    I work for a not for profit CCRC with 100+ beds. Any words of wisdom.
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    If you are doing any training after a meal (lunch, dinner) good idea to have them stretch, standup, anything to get them moving no more than 20 minutes after the meal.

    Could use a large beach ball and throw it from person to person and the person receiving the ball has to answer the next question.

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    Hi Cali nurse and others, I am new to staff development (over 20 yr exp. med/surg, almost 8 in mental health) My position is newly created in psychiatric healthcare system with 3 levels of care. I am not in staff development dept, but rather nsg. admin. I am having an identity crisis. I look forward to learning from others here and so glad I found this site!
    change agent
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    DON'T exhaust yourself trying to correct behavioral & attitudinal issues via
    . If they know what and how to do it but aren't doing it --- It's a managment issue, not an educational need.

    OH HOW I LOVE that statement! Just the other day I saw 'stuff' that I though was so labeling IV lines but it wasn't being done. I seriously want to do QA as my needs assessment before teaching and then having management follow up.
    If I can figure out how to get my own free website to upload my presentations I would love to share, just let me figure out the technology for that.
    I too teach nursing students (2nd semester peds) and I have been feeling stretched thin with annual patient care inservices (mandatory). We have been getting new equiptment and there doesn't seem to be enough time in a 20 hour work week for both!
    Iam also happy to saw that my I am so close to finishing up my clinical nurse specialist certification. Of course my speciality area is pediatric nursing education and I would love to hear from fellow colleagues in this speciality.
    Anybody have ideas on where I could and should go to start my own webpage so I can save my PP presentations there?
    Cali RN
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    Hi Everybody, I'm also new to staff development - my specialty is OB, having been working in the trenches for the past 10 years. I've also been a long time lurker in these forums, but I figured it's time to introduce myself! So Hello to you all in staff development!
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    [QUOTE=LoveYaBabe;3206553]DON'T exhaust yourself trying to correct behavioral & attitudinal issues via
    . If they know what and how to do it but aren't doing it --- It's a managment issue, not an educational need.

    Hi I am new to this group. I have been a part of this site but with other groups. I have newly acquired the title of "educator" on my unit that I've been employed with since Sept 2007. I immediately saw the need for desparate education. National standards aren't even being followed here. When I started to give the education, the staff immediately balked like mules. Since then, I've gone from ANM to Interim NM to now educator. The above quote is perfect to describe this small group of nurses who seem to want to remain in the dark ages. The other staff nurses are like sponges and want to learn the right practice. When one of them will voice desire to take classes by other providers to improve their practice, the "group" makes snide remarks and then states that the employer should pay for it all. What??? As a professional, I feel it is my personal duty to continue to learn to make sure that I am on top of the latest development in standards of care.

    oh, did I mention I work in a high litigous environment?? it's been pretty scarey and hope that you guys can help me within the next 90 days. I have been given only 90 days to complete some major projects....without a budget...which means no supplies to be bought and no salary money to pay nurses OT to come in for these classes. This place is obviously not placing education high on their priority list. help!! I don't want to fail the future patients for this unit.
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    I was originally hired for staff development 16 hours and scheduling 8, After I was through the door. It changed. ADNS Resigned. I took on Staff development, infection control and Wounds. As well as employee health and resident tracking of health. Everyone is always saying delegate tasks. Well if you have staff that look at you like you have 3 heads it not so easy. When I took my position. I created The new employee orientation, because everything was read and sign. There was no prrof for competency. I am trying to multi task everything but its not easy and it seems I have a broken system, I am constantly being pressure not to go over 40 hours but with so many hats I'm finding its hard to meet their expectations. I love my job and feel like I am in a position of being inadequte for my role, as far as maintaing and need some ideas??? I am trying to track and back track. Currently I am working on our annual fair. I have it set up like I did for my new hires with all the mandatory In-services. Bloodborne pathogens, Tb ,Fire safety, work place violence, dementia, hippa, abuse and neglect and so on. Any where to get ideas because really I have no help.
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    You are admirable indeed. In the hospital where I work as Staff Dev. educator, your job is done by 20 or so mor people. Start by gathering your policies, find out what nursing reference books are used by your facility in writing policies, retrieve copies of The Joint Commission and other sites that contain the standards of care you would like to competency your staff on then use it to build modules, quizzes and the competency tool.

    The most important thing is staff will be able to locate the policies and other resources you used to create your valudation tool so they can review from it and retrieve the basis of your validation.

    hope this helps.
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