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:nurse: Hello all Staff Developers ! I found this sight today and have been having the most wonderful time on it. My name is Cali. I work in California in a long term care facility that is also part of an acute hospital. ... Read More

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    Hi Jean,

    Can you clue me in on "the best resource is NNSDO"?

    I am not familiar with this. I will do a search on it and see what I get. If you would like to network Staff Development with me let me know. The latest project of mine right now is HIPAA. I don't know if other states are working on this also. I am in California.


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    Hi - checking in from Australia

    I was SD for many years at a regional "base" hospital here in Queensland - loved the job. I would still be doing it if it weren't for extreme bullying which occurred in that facility.

    Cali - your question about policy manuals - my current facility uses the Joanna Briggs Institute Policy Manual as a core manual. It is eveidence based and because we are affiliates of the institute they also get feedback from us. It is a marvelous resource for evidence basing practice and means you are not constantly "re-inventing " the wheel.
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    The staff developer at the LTC in which I work is an LPN.
    This is true of all LTC's in the surrounding area. Is this a question of money?

    They are all for profit organizations.
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    I am an LPN SDC but I believe it's because this is a VERY rural area, our hospital has 8 beds (smallest in the state whoo hoo) and our LTC has 32. Also nobody else wanted the stinking job lol. Actually before I got it there wasn't an SDC, the DON took care of the duties I guess. I am glad to hear there are other LPN's doing this, I was starting to feel like the lone ranger.
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    I am back in the SDC roll starting Friday. I accepted this job at a 100 bed facility with dual certified beds. I was going to go to the hospital but the situation turned ugly.

    I read through the posts. LTC/SNF is new for me so I have alot to learn.

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    I'm in a 30 bed (small town, obviously) county hospital. Rural nursing is so broad spectrum, and really is exhilarating! Really rewarding to see that we usually do measure/keep up with what is currently being done!
    I do the job 1/2 time (or maybe a bit less) as the job descriptions are really quite broad. I'm the first to perform this job here, so lots to learn, but the staff is really "up" for this, and excited about the assistance in their need for continued learning.
    So far so good with bi-annual skills labs, periodic learning modules and in-services
    I'm only 18 months in, so still optomistic!
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    Hello friends... I am Monica in Florida. I have been in education for over 6 years, working as a SDC for 2. I have a company for continuing education in addition to my full time position as SDC. I love my job, and love to teach. I do all of the staff education in a 158 bed LTC facility, as well as infection control and employee health.. and what ever else I have to do on a particular day. I also do home health on weekend, and homework on all the other days.. (MSN student) anyways, it all seems to work out well... I joined NNSDO and plan to take the exam in APril or MAy, (forgot when it is)
    Thanks for letting me share,
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    Hi, I have been a nurse for 10 years. I am new to Staff development. I accepted a position in a LTC facitily. I am in charge of human resources, staff development and risk management. Sounds like a two man job.... I am excited to do something different and was burnt out on patient care. I spent one day with the previous coordinator getting a "crash course" in this position before she left. It seemed somewhat overwhelming....I suppose due to the fact I've never done it before....but I would love any resources and advice that anyone may have!!!! How you schedule your required inservices, easier methods for tracking and keeping up with employee health,etc.
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    Hi! I have been a SDC for 2 1/2 years in a 285 bed LTC facility. In addition to orienting new employees, providing mandatory education to staff and offering various other education opportunities, including CE courses and CPR certification, I conduct nurse aide training courses and we were just approved this year to train medication aides. We are making the transition into Medicare/Medicaid and my role is expanding (again) into developing forms/policies and inservicing on those. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had to make the transition to Medicare/Medicaid and any suggestions for an easy transition.

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    Hi, I just accepted a position for staff development/educator for a large nursing home. I have a MSN and have been in nursing for 23 years. However, I have always worked in the clinical area and would appreciate any help with learning to be a great nurse educator. thanks

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