Resources for first year students?

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    Where can I find great resources for teaching students? I remember pictures my teachers gave us when i was in nursing schoolthat explained illnesses like COPD and such.

    Any resources would be helpful. I am teaching first year students.

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    I use pinterest for those pictures that you are talking about. I also found this blog online with tons on there to hope that helps. i'm a first year student as well good luck

    Nursing Mnemonics and Tips I am not affiliated with this blog I just came across it online.
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    I recommend the memory notebook. I got one for pharm called 'Pharmacology Made Easy!'. It has pictures and gives explanations. I also have similar pictures a teacher gave me from a different 'made easy' book about respiratory conditions. I'm a very visual learner, so for me, it's helpful. Like I said, they have those books for different topics. Good luck!

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