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    Im taking my general education classes for my ADN, and Im in a technical writing class right now and i need some help. Our final project is to interview someone who teaches our career. So I was wondering if any nurse educators would be willing to answer some questions for me. Post your email and I will get back to you with some questions. Thank You!!

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    Is the interview allowed to be just questions asked over the Internet or are you supposed to interview someone in person? I would think the idea is to get the experience interviewing, not just copying what someone writes.
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    Yes, it can be over the internet. Ya, i would agree the interview would be a lot better because the you would actually get to feel what their talking about. But where I go to school is pretty small and the one professor is already getting interviewed by a couple people in my class, so I have to resort to the good ol' internet.
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    How about you post your questions in a response and I will answer them and that way you might get mutiple responses like in a panel interview.

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