Psychomotor skills

  1. I have been teaching skills for a few years but now I am the coordinator and reevaulating how we conduct performance evaluations. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   cholli
    What level? I teach PN all skills if you want a few ideas
  4. by   Finn
    I teach at a BSN level. This is first level skills
  5. by   cholli
    There sure are a lot of variations just among our faculty of 7. Basically the first skills eval of the quarter is 2 - six hour days to evaluate 20 students, also the day when the clinical instructor is there to eval his/her own group. There are then 2 or 3 more days spread through the course as they learn more skills. This is for the first 2 courses of nursing. Most of the faculty try to make the eval very applied and in the context of patient care situation, depending on the skill level (Could be ROM to meds to Foley's), observing 1-5 students work on their patients). We give everyone independent stuff to work on while waiting their turn. If it goes fast, we might demo the next skill as well. The last 1-2 hours is for retakes (3 chances or no pass)
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