Peer to Peer teaching

  1. We are looking to increase our ED dept. by utillizing our Certified Specialists, CCRN CRNI, PCCN etc to teach some classes. Understand that most of these nurses are ASN and BSN What Must the Class have as far as

    • Pre,Post test
    • Can BSN and ASN assess compentency after the classroom lecture
    • Must instructors themselves have any ED related certifications
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  3. by   nurse2033
    What is the goal of your class, or your program? This should be your first priority. Is it "here's a little info", or for certification? Are you giving CE certificates for example? A good class should have pre and post tests, utilize multiple modalities, be interactive, and be conducted in an appropriate environment. The more realistic the scenario the more effective the training. This takes a lot of prep time. A hastily thrown together class will have a low effectiveness. As for the qualifications of the instructor it depends on some of the aforementioned issues. But it is not required for the instructor to have the highest level of education in the room, just that they are an expert on the issue at hand.