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  1. 0 I live in Florida. I am looking for a job as nursing instructor. I have MSN (education) ans presently a staff nurse. Please let me know if you see any openings for a nursing instructor (online). Thanks.
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    Have you actually looked for positions? Try Uiniversity of Phoenix. Or try any other accredited schools that have online programs.
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    Where are you in Florida? Rasmussen College is always looking for great nusing instructors - in every field. Moving toward a concept based curriculum - online/ and flex. so inquire. Multiple campuses - Ocala, tampa, New Port Richie, and Ft. Myers.
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    I have been considering my masters to do something like this online. Is the money worth it?
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    I can't answer that- but the full time salary for private school is great. Check it out. Ras
    mussen. Edu

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