Nursing Home Bulletin Boards

  1. Can anyone offer some ideas for nursing home education bulletin boards.....I am running out of ideas for things to put on my education boards that are appropriate to be out in the open. Thanks
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  3. by   VeronicaWileyRN
    What have you all ready used? So we can make suggestions?
  4. by   LindsayPaulson
    I have done one on Heimlich maneuver, preventing falls, pressure ulcer awareness. There is a fine line of what can and cant be placed on a public bulletin board
  5. by   VeronicaWileyRN
    You could do an inservice on Transfers, proper way to reposition patients.
  6. by   classicdame
    customer service, infection control
  7. by   VeronicaWileyRN
    How to use the telephone
  8. by   dderry
    I have done bullentin boards on respiratory infections, diabetes and just recently put up a board on communication.
  9. by   classicdame
    look at the national patient safety goals on the Joint Commission website. I plan events around those goals.