New thread for those looking for preceptors or to precept?

  1. I would like to make a suggestion that a thread be started for those who are willing to be preceptors for MSN students and those who are looking for preceptors? It seems they can be hard to find. If there was a link where instructors could post where they are at, what they do and what they could precept in, those who are students could seek someone out for assistance.

    On the same note, a link for those who are looking for a preceptor, what their program is and where they are located might match up someone with an instructor who possibly hadn't thought about precepting but has never had anyone ask.

    If you don't want to do either, you don't have to post!!

    I think it could be a great addition to this specialty!

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  3. by   nicenurse46
    I like this idea! I had trouble finding a preceptor for my MSN Informatics practicum. A link helping students to find preceptors is a great idea!