If you could start your own Staff development dept what would you wish for??

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    I have the opportunity to develop my own staff education dept in a LTC facility. I know what I would like, but if you could start from scratch what would you want?

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    On my wish list to start, I'd like my own classroom. My second wish would be for good AV equip.
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    I would wish for a volunteer paper-wrangler a couple hours a week. Someone OCD about such things, perhaps.
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    In addition to the things mentioned above ... I would want access to information. Online access, if possible ... so that I could easily access the information I needed to teach.

    ... and easy access to all standards, regulartions, etc. that I was supposed to meet.
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    facility that would pay for certification in professional nursing development and continuing education and membership to ANPD. Books on how to write objectives, create a lesson plan and other tricks of the trade.

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