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  1. I am a RN of 13 years, have recently completed my BSN, and am beginning my MSN-Nurse Educator in June 2006. I have a job interview next Wed. for a LPN instructor position. For the interview, I must present a 10-15 minute lesson plan (geared for LPN students) to a committee on myocardial infarction. The interview guidelines suggest hands-on or group activity/involvement. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I need to get this together ASAP.
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  3. by   suni
    Why don't you write up a short case study and then have the interview team be the students and ask them questions to build critical thinking skills.
    Like the patient, they have for the day c/o chest pain that radiates to the neck. Pt. is SOB and diaphoretic, no history of cardiac problems but HTN and High cholesterol, age 55, overweight, sedentary, pt was hospitalized for DVT.
    Current meds:
    pmh: includes history of smoking 1ppd.
    So ask what some of the risk factors are that predisposed to MI, what interventions should they begins immediately, (oxygen, since LPN students they should notify RN, should not let pt. alone, they can use call bell or pick up phone and call the desk.
    What diagnostics would be important at this point, labs ekg, etc.
    You get the idea.