Full time faculty, normal course load and other questions?

  1. I have finally finished my MSN. I have been an adjunct for 2.5 years while also working in the ICU. The majority of my adjunct experience is as a clinical instructor but I have also done some didactic.

    I am interviewing for FT faculty positions. Some of this is confusing to me, because I have never been FT faculty, so I don't understand what is normal and reasonable. I have several questions:

    What setting do you teach in (large research university, community college, etc.)?

    What program?

    What is your normal course load?

    Were you given a full course load to start? Did you receive orientation or mentoring?

    If you are comfortable answering, what is average starting salary in your institution?

    Are you expected to keep a supplemental bedside position?

    How many clinical days and clinical groups do you have?

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