District responsibilities with Staff Development

  1. 0 OKay - firstly I have to explain that my hospital district covers an area larger than Texas that is VERY sparsely populated compared to just about anywhere in the USA. (Basically there are more 'Roos than people) We have one moderate sized hospital and five small (about 10 - 20 bed hospitals) with four "single nurse stations" within the district

    I am wondering if anyone else has this spread of responsibility and how have you managed to provide staff development over a wide area?
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    about the only way is webinars or learning module systems. Gosh, you have my sympathy and I am in awe!
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    Thanks ClassicDame - Webinars - never heard of them until now. I have to say though if there is a fee involved then the state government has one rule - TINM - There IS no money!!

    I am working on trying to put together some video-conference workshops which are working reasonably well but I will probably have to develop a "suite" of these. We do have some online "transition" programs for some of the specialities that are designed to assist the new grad through the first year in a speciality but the number of those is limited and it is moot if more will be developed

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