Chapter on Substance Abuse eliminated from MS Textbook

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    Our Med-Surg textbook no longer has a chapter on SubstanceAbuse in the latest edition. The editor's reasoning is that this topic is sufficiently covered in Psych Nursing. I have found that most Psych Nursing textbooks adequately cover the mental health and social implications of abuse but not the medical sequel and management of addiction. Has anyone else run across this issue? And if so, what resources are you using to cover this important content?
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    I agree with you. Treatment of addiction isn't covered in the textbook I use. I've developed my own way of teaching about it that includes what the hospital we do clinicals in, does to monitor alcoholics and other addicts. They have a whole protocol, as most psych hospitals do. I bet you could get lots of information from wherever your students do psych clinicals. Are you a med/surg or a psych instructor?

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