Advice, Please

  1. Former RN graduate (class of 2003) has now failed the NCLEX for the THIRD time. (Overall, our nursing school has a very high NCLEX passage rate--in the low 90's on first try). What can be done to help this former student?
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  3. by   angela05
    hi! smile. just keep going. life is full of actions. why try the LVN exam first . Where are you then? just be more positive and focused. if they passed the exam- you and some people around us can pass and survive too. dont give up. pray hard. study hard. God is good. God bless. Good luck.
  4. by   memphispanda
    Have you taken a review course for the NCLEX? If not, try Hurst Review. They are available online and by video. I attended a live review and also did the online review and feel it was very helpful. It actually teaches you how to read the questions, and how to choose the right answers.
  5. by   NursingStudy
    Angela & MemphisPanda:

    I believe you may have misread the question. I believe VickyRN is a teacher looking for help with getting a particular student to pass.


    Has the student participated in any NCLEX review courses?