Activity for last day of clinical rotation

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    Anybody have suggestions for a great culminating activity for the post-conference on the last day of a clinical rotation? (Happens to be an OB rotation, but I can adapt activities from other specialties.) Of course I could do a reflection on the rotation exercise, but I'm looking for something with a little more pizzaz. Any ideas?

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    I had that group once. I invited a SANE nurse to speak and she brought her assessment kit. Another time I had the nurse midwife speak. By "speak" I mean that we sat around a table and talked very informally. I had snacks and it was a good time for all of us. The students asked very pertinent questions, but I was prepared with a few topics related to their learning and the speaker's topic.
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    How about inviting the Nurse Manager or Clinical Nurse Specialist to discuss Emergent Issues in the Labor and Delivery Setting? An open forum of questions should be generated prior to the discussion. Any form of collaboration with the healthcare team would be extremely effective in the eyes of the student. Good Luck!

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