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look at your resume!!! i've been reviewing resumes for open positions in my department and can't believe the resumes i've received: misspelling, words crossed off, no cover letter, including personal information about family... Read More

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    wow this forum really is very helpful....thanks a lot guys!!! Way to go!!!redpinkheredpinkheredpinkheredpinkheredpinkheredpinkhe

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    Hey, get on the internet and use the keywords "behavioral interview" or "behavioral interview questions" and you will have sine king of questions that could be asked. One popular one is what your long term goals are, like "What do you see yourself doing in five years in regard to your profession?" What would you do in a situation where.....". What is there difference in a manager and a leader?" Your best source of questions is the internet and of course you might try to find someone who does it for a living that is a trusted mentor. Good Luck!
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    I'd like a copy please. Please send to ksunursing@windstream.net

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    Thanks for all that wonderful info! I just went through an interview with the Floor Director last week. I thought it went great! Guess what? I just received a letter of rejection from HR.

    I'm at a point where I'm going to call the director and authentically ask her to critique my interview. At what point did she decide not to hire me? i think calling for constructive criticism is going to help tremendously. I'm also going to ask the same of the HR Nurse Recruiter.

    What say you?

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    Great post !!!
    Thanks a lot
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    I'm in the process of updating my resume and have experience as a CNA, LPN and RN. I have my LPN and RN experience on the resume, but should I put my CNA experience down too? My resume is getting longer and longer because I have had so many jobs as a nurse.....
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    I would mention prior experience as CNA but not list positions as that may sway some hiring mgrs who feel that CNAexperience makes one more understanding of teamwork, especially avoiding dumping on CNA as you've walked in their shoes....
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    This is such a great thread with so much info -- thank you all!

    One question: Is it really acceptable (even expected) to put your GPA on your resume? I managed a 4.0 in my ADN program so would like to put it out there if it will be helpful, but don't want to seem like a show-off, you know?

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    To the last poster: First of all, congrats on your outstanding GPA in nursing school. But I'm not sure if it's acceptable to put a GPA on a resume or not. If you have some sort of distinction from your GPA, such as summa cum laude, I would think it would be more acceptable to place that title after your degree on your resume.
    Good luck to you!

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