what to do when you no longer want to do nursing

  1. i've been a nurse for 4 years, med surg for 2 of them, and I can't do it anymore. Due to life circumstances, I cannot go back to school and do something new, however, as a nurse I feel like i have acquired many skills that can translate to other job fields and/or at least a totally different field of nursing.

    anyone else stuck in a rut? Have you gotten yourself out of it? anybody else who has a nursing title but has a different career path??
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  3. by   coopman712
    I can't say I have advice and nor am I in the same boat but similar. I have had some major life transitions and after only 1 year of bedside nursing I am not sure if I am cut out for it or if perhaps I didn't give it enough time. My ego feels sort of stomped on. I am looking for other options related to but not necessarily bedside nursing. I am thinking about various things but haven't solidified any ideas yet...
    Hope someone has better enlightenment for you than me.