What specialties are in highest/ lowest demand?

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    Just curious about what nursing specialties are in most demand (with more job openings) and which are more flooded and difficult to find work in. I'm sure this varies by area, but what is it like in your area? I'm interested in ob, but am finding that there are A LOT of other nursing students who are as well.

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    This is going to vary, depending on the geographic area you are looking at. In my neck of the woods, ICU nurses - especially board certified ones (adult ICU, Neuro, Pedi, etc) can find jobs easily. OB & ED certified nurses seem to have no problems getting work. Of course, experienced Med Surg/Tele nurses (5 years or more) are a hot commodity also. OR nurses seem to be getting harder to find also - of course, the preference is always CNORs.

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