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  1. 0 I don't know if anyone on here would know but what is average pay for a unit secretary/monitor technician on a medical floor! I'm currently an RN student and want to work at our local hospital! Just curious. Thanks for replying!
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    It would depend on the part of the country, urban or rural hospital, and experience. You can find a wage finder on a search (there are several ). That might be helpful
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    Did you ever get an answer to this question? Did you get Unit Secretary/Monitor Tech job? Did you graduate from nursing school? Are you a nurse now? I ask because I work as a unit secretary/monitor tech now and I am hoping to start nursing school in the fall. The internet paints a scary picture of the job market for new grad nurses.
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    No I didn't get the job but that's okay! I decided to stay home and study study study lol. I graduate on August 8 and I can't wait! Good luck!

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